Building Orders

Last updated 08/08/97, 06:52 PM

People have been after me for almost 2 years now to make a building order page. I haven't done so for many reasons. First building orders is really one of the things that sets good players above crappy ones. If we passed out all our good orders, we wouldn't be so special anymore would we? We would be mortal :) Next, I personally don't follow any orders. I just do what needs to be done. I do follow some instinctive order but nothing I've ever written down or anything. I think when you see me try to discribe my stuff you will see why I don't have order pages :)

The Shlonglor Suicide Rush

They certainly do not call this the suicide rush for nothing. This is an early grunt attack order that is designed to get a heck of a lot of grunts early on Low resources. The way this order works is it works on the enemy or you die. Either your grunts get in on them and kill all their peons and their town or you are out. If the enemy beats off your first attack or their teammate comes and saves them before you break in, it's ALL over. Hence the name. While I'm sure I probably am not the only one to use this exact order, I've really never seen anyone good or bad use it. Probably because it's suicide :)

Here it is:

What you do is go 2 farms and building only 6 peons. You put first 2 peons on gold, next 3 on lumber. You then build 2 farms. After the second farm is done you build peon 6 and stop building peons. Peon 6 is explorer peon. You send him out and find the enemy. He doesn't stop till he finds the enemy. Once you have enough lumber, you build your barracks. You chop enough wood for that 3rd farm then take both those choping peons (1 is building the barracks) and put them on gold. The second that barracks is done, you train a grunt and build your 3rd farm at the same time. During this time your 6th peon is scouting all the mines for the enemy. You want to try to wall your town in with the 3 farms and barracks. Once the 3 Grunts are done, you can either attack now, or wait for the next 4 to pop out. You might want to go in early with 3 in most situations if you found them with that 6th early. Once you found them, send that peon 6 home or suicide him. You might want to send him home if you can get him inside your wallin. Once you got 7 Grunts (If you didn't send those 1-3 early) go and get them. You can also send the grunts as soon as each one pops out. After that your one guy chopping lumber should have enough for a 4th farm. Build that 4th farm. When you get to that 12/13 farms, make sure you build your last 7th grunt and the 7th peon at the same time. Put that 7th peon on wood. 2 Guys on wood (3 if you sent back peon 6). After that you must kill the enemy and continue building up.

What normally happens is you totally destroy them and then it's a 2on1. Your partner and you vs the remaining enemy. I wouldnt' attempt this order on a 1on1 game. I'd stick to 2on2s, 3on3s, 4on4s, or possibly ffas. The whole thing depends on, you finding them early, them not getting help in time, and your town not getting killed or attacked while your grunts are away. That's where the suicide comes in. Any of those things happen and you're dead. This order has failed many times because of those things. But I've also had plenty of succuess. I got Mage and Morpheus with it :)

The hard thing to do is continue building after you kill the guy. There is still an enemy remember? I always forget to continue building at home and end up with 5000 gold and 0 farms. This order also puts you in the stone age. While you are whipping on the enemy their teammate is usually up to Ogres while you have your level 1 grunts. At this point you MUST have a good partner which can hold off the remaining enemy while you catch up.

Another big problem is the 2 farm mill strategy where the enemy builds 2 farms and a mill and a tower to prevent the grunt rush. This has beaten this order quite a few times. I guess this could be defined as the Low 7 man rush. I think it will work fine vs most people and even some good ones.

LeMaitre's Ultimate Rush

Let me tell you, this is the ultimate order. I don't wanna hear crap saying otherwise or challenges to prove it. This is THE grunt order. It has beaten countless super good players. I haven't used this order myself but I have seen it in action plenty of times. Lemaitre racked up some 43-0 record in NWL with this order last summer. I have tried everything myself even the TommyNG where you kill your peons, and only the Tommyng on a close locations such as Red and Blue on GOW will beat this. LeMaitre wouldn't admit it tho :) I don't remember how the Tommyng goes so don't ask me. It involves killing your peons, I used to have it down but it's been 6 months or so now. Here it is in Lemaitre's own words:

The best FFB rush there is

It is best on One way in, one way out.

this is for low resources of course. if you KNOW where your opponent is, use it. like a 6 or 8 player POS, or GOW or something. you only have 5 peons total. your peons do normal things, g g l l l. make second farm like normal. but when the second farm is done, dont make more peons. put the farm maker back on wood and let them all chop away.

When your wood is up to 400 walk the peon who brought in that load out to where your barracks will be. stop. when the next peon comes in with wood (making the total 500... enough for barracks!), make barracks immediately. repair with the peon who brought back the final load. you should have 50 wood (500-450). when you get down to about 2 wood left, stop. Another load of wood will come in while you are repairing, so stop when your wood goes down to about 101. you will have the barracks almost repaired completely, but leave it when your wood is down to 101.

put the repairing peon on wood. you now have 2 on gold, 2 on wood, and 101 wood. when the barracks is done, make grunt immediately. put barracks- maker on gold. when one of the choppers come in with wood (to make a total of 200) put him on gold. from then on you will have 4 gold and 1 wood. pump grunts as quickly as you can. scout if needed. when you start training your 8th unit (3rd grunt), start making the third farm. start the third farm before you get your 9th unit. but get that 9th unit quick as you can of course. your farm should be done quick and then pump 4 more grunts. you should have not too much delay in grunt pumping at all. you will end up with 8 grunts, and 5 peons. and most likely, a dead opponent :)


LeMaitre's Ultimate Rush

I don't have comments on this one. I'll take his word on it :) LeMaitre again:

Ogre Rush for Maze and fixed GOW
--- Developed by LeMaitre and Boneboy

We didn't bother adapting this to other maps, but it should be fairly easy. You simply must be able to build in with 4 farms and a guard tower.

We used this on maze to beat almost all the best players out there (except Creed, who kept killing our sap hehe). It is best in a 3on3 game or 2 on 2, where there is a good chance that an enemy will be right next to you, instead of all the way across the map (where a peon powerup type thing will kill you). The basic idea of the rush is to build in with farms, get a mill and a guard tower to kill grunt attacks, then upgrade to stronghold ASAP. The order will get you 8 ogres, a sap, and a zep VERY fast, at the cost of a few peons. You then use the sap to blow into a buildin or kill troops (using the zep to scout them out), and the 8 ogres will clean up.

Here is the order by peons:

1. Gold
2. Gold
3. Wood
4. Wood
5. When he pops out, walk him to where your first farm will be. When the resources come in, make a farm right away. Then put him on wood
6. Gold
7. Gold
8. Farm, then take a swing at a tree (lumber bug), then build mill as soon as you have resources. After mill is done, build guard tower, then barracks
9. Gold
11.Farm then Gold
15.Farm then Gold

After peon 17, you should have almost enough resources to upgrade to stronghold. Do it as soon as possible. After starting the upgrade, put down your smith with your first available peon, then farm with the next available peon, then second bar. These should all be being built as you upgrade.

After the upgrade is done, make that mound and alchemy quick! Then you should be pumping 2 ogres from the barracks, a zep then a sap from the alchemist. You will have 8 ogres, a zep, and a sap to kill them with. You should be able to take out grunt rushers easily. To take out towering attempts, you must make a cat inside your buildin as soon as you see the tower. Beware of Ultimate Rushers charging in and taking out a farm before you can start repairing! Stay alert, as always.