2006 Volleyball results
Y2K6 results to date: 7 wins - 7 losses   :|

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
5/27/06 Fort Lauderdale, FL BB Doubles Sand Randall 4-2
2nd place
Just like last year, I had a 5-6 month time period without touching a volleyball and once again we took 2nd place.  In pool play we went 2-1, losing to an older team that had one crafty shot maker and one guy that could hit if he got a good set.  Our play was more good than bad during pool play.

Our first playoff game was against a very average team that we handled without issue.  The semi-final put us against the older guys once again.  This time we made less mistakes and they made more allowing us to avenge our pool loss.  The finals were against a team we played for our first game in pool play whom we beat.  However they played better and better as the day went on and steamrolled their first two playoff opponents.  They wound up steamrolling us as well.  We made a lot of unforced errors and they played nearly perfect ball.

Even with the loss in the finals it was a good day.  I try to not get as hung up on winning and losing as I have in the past.  It makes the experience more enjoyable. My bad knee ached and stiffened up as play continued making jumping and hitting difficult.  But I did ok in other aspects of the game so I have no major complaints.  

6/24/06 Pottstown, PA BB Doubles Grass Charlie 3-5 This was probably my 10th Rumble and unfortunately it was also the worst.  The weather went from bad to horrible, the worst conditions I have played in since the OC, Maryland, 55 degrees, 35mph wind, and torrential rain tourney. 

Our net was good, probably the best BB pool I ever played in at the Rumble, all the teams were good.  Our first 3 matches we split and in our last match we had control of our own destiny and proceeded to lose both games, eliminating us from playoffs.  By that time, the torrential rain had turned the grass field to pure mud, making conventional volleyball impossible.  Our last match had a guy that had a very tough jump serve that would have been difficult to pass in good conditions and borderline impossible in the mud. It was disappointing.

To add insult to injury, my knee(s) are toast.  I couldn't bend my left leg for two and a half days after the event.  I'm sure something is torn.  It just sucked. I believe my 06 season is finished and possibly this could be grand finale.  What a way to do it.



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