2009 Volleyball results
3 wins - 6 losses   :(

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
12/5/09 Fort Lauderdale BB Doubles Sand Randall 0-3 They merged A/BB pools although I don't know if it even mattered.  There were literally dozens of unforced errors through out the 3 game spread.  All the other teams had to do to beat us was just hang around long enough until we beat ourselves which we did all three games.

2009 has gone down as the least productive vball season of the 15 or 16 I have logged.
4/25/08 Fort Lauderdale, FL BB Doubles Sand Randall 3-3
2nd place
Once again I have gone months without even touching a volleyball, 7 months to be exact.  Now compound that with playing in a constant 20 mph+ wind all day.  Yea you can imagine there was some ugly ball going on out there.

I didn't have one solid hit all day.  My passing was erratic at best and setting was like rolling the dice.  The BB pool was tiny, only one net of 5 so luckily you didn't have to do much to make the playoffs since 4 of the 5 teams were going to make it.  We finished pool play 2-2 during which Randall and I alternated back and forth making bad plays, it was just very, very ugly at times.

Well we limped into the playoffs at 2-2 after getting crushed in our last pool play game.  It wasn't until shortly into the playoff game where I started to care after the A/AA player that was playing with a 12 year old future star annoyed me.  We got into a verbal back and forth altercation that lit my fire.  From that point on I played my best ball of the day.  Anger helps focus me.

We beat the A/AA guy and the kid.  I felt bad for the kid but loved beating Mr Asshole twice in the same day.  In the finals we played the same guys that beat us in pool play the last game.  The game was tight for the first half.  In the second half Randall had a run of unforced errors that the other team capitalized on.  The final score was only slightly better than the pool play game.

If you would have asked me if it was worth the $35 entry fee and ridiculous $15 to park after pool play I would have said hell no.  However after it was all done I felt differently.  Randall and I played through some very shitty circumstances and still wound up with a respectable finish. 



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