2010 Volleyball results
6 wins - 4 losses   :)

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
7/17/10 Deerfield Beach BB Doubles Sand Jeremy 4-2
2nd Place
Jeremy and I had only played together once before and it was with little success.  On top of that Jeremy had not played any beach ball this year and this was only my second tournament of 2010. 

We mixed things up further by having me play the right side all day long, I ALWAYS play left.  Despite these various challenges we performed quite well, advancing all the way to the finals.

It was the best I felt on the court in a long time and well worth coming out of retirement for. 
5/15/10 Fort Lauderdale BB Doubles Sand Randall 2-2
This tournament utilized old school rules and the big court sort of like the Rumble does.  It was an exciting enough prospect to drag me out of the shadows to attempt to erase the bad taste in my mouth from the dreadful outing we had last time.

Well unfortunately the taste is still there.  We had a weak net with two teams that would lose in B.  We beat them but lost to the two real BB teams on the net, including an incredibly embarrassing 11-0 spanking by a team that had a kid on it that wasn't old enough to drive.

The performance pretty much sealed the deal as far as killing my desire to play volleyball. 



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