Nick Names!

This page lists a partial list of some of the nicknames we have come up with for opposing players. This list will be expanding on a regular basis as we name new opponents. We use this to easily distinguish players. Remembering their real names would be far too  difficult but remembering the nick name makes it far easier and funny! None of these names are malicious in nature.

Dr. Crank Clubber Piglet
Merlin NoseBleed Beach Dig
Dolph Glamour Drawers Green Shorts Guys
Harikari Cadaver Speedo
Fatty Weeeeeeeee Midget
Brain Grumpy Guy Jesus and Pals
Coonskin Geeks Spaghetti Arm
The Mayor Rollo Spider
Leprechaun Boy George Lady Elaine
Gabby Troll Vert
Old Dudes Damian (Real name) Master Blaster
Yogi Lummox Rhino
Screamer Boris Becker Boys Big Lug
Grantenstein Diablo Nascar Dude
Caveman Mr McFeeley Hassan Chop
The Old Man Sluggo Flim Flam
Bow Legs Mrs. Cartman Triangle Head
Marlboro Dude Ms. Piggy Lerch
Alaska Boy Spider Monkey Gene Shalit
Sharky Skeletor Skeletor on Steroids
Trash Can Man Grunter Sasquatch
Bill Gates Bill Gates's Brother The Real Vert
The Brothers Big Bear The Drunk Guys
Gruntenstein Mad Scientist Clubber
Sgt. Dickhead Pele' Vendula
Sgt. Asshole Vo-tech Fat Bastard
Grimace Rollie Fingers Dave the Postman's Dad
Hothead David Crosby Handstand Helgi
NetRaiser Mr Fudge Calisthenics Boys
The Brothers (Fat) Yohan the Explorer Jiglet
Jabba Manute  Mouth
The Three Bears Clark Kent Shaddup Bob the Snowbird
Vanilla Ice Tylenol Guy The Mummy & Mummy 2
Purple Rain Ace of Ass Rosey Stovepipe
Barrel Sarong Pete Sampras
Bee Sting Michael Chang Young Troy Aikman
Pot Belly Bonnet Hitchhiker
RugRat Diplomat Rollins
Hill Billies White Trash Pop Pop
The Skinnies Crockett & Tubbs Blink 182
Dogs of the AMS Drugstore Cowboy Ivan Drago
Super Hothead Hulk Baldy
Bad Hair Dye Job Guy Frosty the Tan Kid Tall and Taller
Tall Woody Allen Terry Crupi 2 Lloyd Bridges
Little Andy The Woman Human Torch
The Hulkster Evil Genius Vulture
The Quitters Bionic Walrus Neander Jr.
Dad and Junior Red MPB (Male Pattern Baldness)
Christmas Calf Fabian (real name) Skinny Fat
Exoskeleton The 70 year Old Johnny Knoxville
Nudge Old Jackie Chan The Agents