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Bday.jpg (45878 bytes)
 My 30th Birthday Party at Jimmy Kramer's Peanut Bar
Cloudp.jpg (39217 bytes)
 My buddy Jim Speese playing in his band, Cloud Party
Cats.jpg (36234 bytes)

My super energetic cats in action

Denv.jpg (32985 bytes)
 A nice pic of Denver. We were just out there a few months ago.
Grad.jpg (13774 bytes)
My High School graduation pic, oh to be 17 again!
Sh&ali.jpg (49791 bytes)
 Ali and I trying to stay warm down on the rolled up trap at Vet Stadium!
Footb.jpg (27190 bytes)
 Pic of our company flag football team down at the Vet!
Footb1.jpg (51005 bytes)
 Planning our next offensive move
Footb2.jpg (55734 bytes)
 Two of our players celebrating
Footb3.jpg (60424 bytes)
 Taking the field to do battle!


Footb4.jpg (60500 bytes)
Me throwing a deep one to Charlie to warm up.
Footb5.jpg (57731 bytes)
 That dog Chris Boniol coming off the field after practice.
Footb6.jpg (56454 bytes)
Me knocking through a 20 yard field goal.