Yes I play alot of Warcraft and have managed to get my brothers hooked on the game as well!

Warcraft is a fun game to play against the computer but I think it becomes downright addicting once you start taking on the world in multiplayer games. The cheapest way to do this is to call up a buddy of yours that also has Warcraft and take him on in a modem game, however this method limits you to playing only 1 on 1. Now if you are lucky enough to have a LAN in your house you can invite some buddies over to play in your computer room. (Like me) However a much more practical and inexpensive method is to go grab Kali. This handy little program only costs $20 to register and allows you to not only play Warcraft but literally dozens of games over the internet! Basically Kali tricks the games into thinking they are playing on a local IPX network when really they are spanning the globe on the internet! For example in Warcraft this allows you to play up to 8 player games via the internet! Truly a great program!


No Orcs!!!!!

When I play Warcraft I always play as humans although in alot of scenarios it is actually advantageous to be ORC. Ogre Bloodlust is tough to overcome. However I enjoy playing humans for the extra challenge and the added satisfaction of beating a player playing as ORC. If you are a serious player you might consider checking out Cases' Ladder! Look for me on the ladder! My handle is DUF.

Here are some basic strategies!


The Basics






On this page are the very basics of what you should do when playing War2 against other players. Intermediate or advance players might want to skip over this section.






When you first start out a game, find your mine and build your hall as close as possible. This lets you get more gold with less peons. This is just common sense, but I've seen people that build their halls like a screen or more from their mines, and it takes them forever to get gold and they fall very far behind.


Watch your farms. Always try to stay a farm ahead. If you get the message "Not enough food. Build more farms" then you are in trouble. Especially in the middle of a battle, if you fall behind on farms then the enemy can build more units then you and eventually overtake you.


Always upgrade your guys. A level 5 grunt costs 600 gold, and is just as powerful as a level 1 ogre, but the ogre cost 800 gold and 100 lumber. Make sure you are at least level 3 before upgrading to stronghold.


Build lots of Peons. This is probably the best strategy. Build a lot of peons. 20 is good, 25 is better. Sometimes I've had over 30 peons well still having only one town. The more mines you have the more peons you need. Also, protect your peons at all costs. They are the blood of your army. If they die and you don't have a ton of money saved up, you die.


Don't upgrade to stronghold too early. Wait until you have at least 18 peons, because while you're upgrading to stronghold you can't build more peons, and if you have like 15 peons and you're enemy has 25, who do you think is gonna win? Most people make this mistake on high resources.


Be offensive. I don't mean swearing and stuff, but try to keep your enemy on defense. If you play defense the whole game you usually lose.When you are playing defense you usually aren't able to use the powerful weapons like bloodlust, and mages and death knights. Usually the person on offense wins.


Spread your town out. I know when I first started playing I built my town all bunched up. It was impossible to move around, and it was prime sapper and death and decay bait. I had to learn the hard way. After have my towns sapperd and death and decayed many times, I looked at other people's towns and though hmm, what if i built my town spread out? So I started spreading my town out more and more and eventually i stopped getting sappered and D&D'd. The point of all this rambling is: spread your town out :)


Build more than one barracks. 3 or 4 at my first town and 1 or 2 at my second town is usually enough for me. Just think, if you're in the middle of intense battle, who's gonnna win, the person that's pumping 3 grunts at a time out, or the person that's pumping out only 1 at a time?


Don't whine. There's nothing people hate more than someone that sits and goes "Low resources? I hate low resources. Real people play land. You suck" and stuff like that. That just means you're a newbie and people aren't gonna wanna play with you anymore and soon you get a real bad rep.


Make sure you expand. If your mine is down to about 10k gold, then go build your hall at another mine. One of the worst case scenarios is to be in the middle of heated battle and have your mine blow, then have to go find another one and build your hall while fighting off the enemy.


Practice. This is the only way to get really good. If you lose, look at what you did wrong and then try not to do it again the next game. It takes time to get good, so don't be discouraged.

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