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About Me

I was born 12/16/67 in Reading, PA I  lived there all of my life until August 2000. I graduated from Governor Mifflin High School. I also attended Juniata College and received technical certification through Lincoln Tech in Allentown, PA. I like sports, cars, computers and just about anything that I get to "compete" in. I have a wonderful wife named Alison whom I have been seeing since 1996. We were married October 10th, 1998. We currently live in Naples, FL.  We moved here in August of 2000.

Pic of Me and Ali

What I Do

I currently work as the network administrator for the Collier County Tax Collectors Office in Naples, Florida.  I manage a small 150 node network which covers 10 locations that includes Windows 7,  Windows XP , and Windows Server 2003/2008.  It is a low stress job with regular hours that pays the bills.

  Previously, I worked for GE Capital ITS, (formerly Ameridata, formerly Entre Computers) in Reading, PA. I  worked there for 9 + years. I started as an entry level computer integration tech, then moved to hardware tech, then senior hardware tech, then associate system engineer and finally to a full fledged system engineer in the networking department. I am A+ Certified, an MCSE(2008, 2003, 2000 & NT4), a Compaq ASE, Cisco CCNA and a Novell CNE! Impressed? I didn't think so.  

Before that I had a wide variety of jobs including, wood cutter, meat cutter, car salesman, truck driver and directory advertising sales.  I also created and maintain this web server and site if you haven't figured it out! If you have AOL Instant Messenger you can reach me at DUF121667

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What I've Done

In my personal life I used to be an avid baseball player growing up. I was scouted by the Toronto Blue Jays and Pittsburgh Pirates. However arm problems and a bad attitude on my part cut that short. For competition nowadays I play volleyball, run, bowl and will occasionally (my wife would laugh at that adjective) play computer games against others.  In 1999, my partner and I  won the largest division at the Pottstown Rumble, we finished #1 out off 110 vball teams! Look at my volleyball site for more info here! I enjoy cars a lot. I have had over 14 cars in the 15 or 16 years I have been driving. MY favorite of all time was my 1969 Firebird convertible. Currently we own a 99 Tacoma, 93 Ford Conversion Van and a 2003 Sentra. I bought a 71 Buick convertible in 2003 that I owned for 6 months before it burned up. :(  Following that I had an 88 Vette for 6 months.

Professionally, my jobs have been quite diverse. Since High School I have been a firewood cutter, meat cutter, new car salesman, directory advertising salesman, truck driver and now currently a computer guy. :) We accomplished our goal of moving to Florida in August of 2000.  In July of 2001 we completed construction on our first new home.  It is a beautiful house sitting on almost a 3 acre lot. We added a pool as well.

What I'd Like to Do

I have been hampered by recurring knee injuries that have limited my ability to play volleyball on a regular basis but I want to keep at it as long as possible.  The volleyball crowd are my sort of people.  I hope to play several tournaments both down here and up north.  I usually hit the gym at least 4 times a week.  My fear of old age, illness and dying keeps me motivated.

  My web work is more a side hobby now as I have concentrated on acquiring the necessary skills and experience to become a good network administrator. I've created several sites, some more impressive than others.  Ali's site , Sprint Blows , My Blog and my VBALL site get the most attention.

 So far we love living in a place where winter never happens.  Oh yea, I would also like to win the lottery. :)

If this wasn't enough info about me and you are dying to get a deeper understanding, check out my random thoughts, or my blog,